While marketing on the internet is seeing some major revolutions, it is still debatable on which method of marketing is more effective than the other, is it Video marketing or blog marketing? To understand these two forms of marketing better, it’s important to look at their individual pros and cons.

For instance, unlike in video content marketing, blog marketing is essentially text based with the ability to insert clickable links within content. This, therefore, provides a perfect environment to engage in affiliate marketing. However, for video marketing, you can only display a link to whatever you are advertising, limiting the user to only viewing the URL.

Blog marketing caters for the needs of almost everyone; regardless of the device, they are using. Text based content can be converted into HTML where necessary to allow the user to view it on their basic phones that have access to the internet. However, for videos, they require specific environment or additional plug-ins to run; videos cannot run on some screen resolutions or sizes. This ultimately affects the number of target audiences getting the content.

Unlike video content marketing, Blog marketing is less demanding in terms of bandwidth requirements from the user. Generally, when you compare two similar content based on text and another version created in video form, the video version is likely to be heavier/larger (in Kilobytes) than the text version. This aspect may act as a barrier to some audiences accessing the content, especially where access to data is an issue or costly.

However, when you look at the ease of comprehension of the content created, video blogging does better than blogging. This is because the user is able to see the exact thing that the content designer wanted them to see.

It’s easier to promote Video content on social media than is to market a blog. With the wide use of the social media, most users prefer to share video content that interests them than their text counterpart. Organic promotion of video content is higher than that of blog content. This is because a number of online users have little time to read through a whole blog article compared to watching a similar version of that content in video form.

Unlike blog content, video content in most instances attracts the viewer’s emotions. This, therefore, makes it better in communication than does the blog.

Videos vs Blog Posts

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