About Us

Guaranteed Viewed Pages. That’s exactly what Thomas Moore said when he first peddled the idea to his neighbouring businesses in his busy little town when he was in college.

That was in the year 2000. He was on his third year. He and a few friends knew that the Internet would grow big and become a huge marketing influence for many businesses. It would go for cheaper too.

His first project with a renowned car dealership in his area helped him understand further about the business. Soon, he started his own firm. The Guaranteed Viewed Pages took in more than five clients at a time because Thomas believed every client should be given the attention they deserve.

His website then and even now still provides general information and tips on Internet marketing and strategies for content and consumer engagement. Of course, there’s still the tailor-made advisor service that Thomas and a select handful of professionals handle.

Welcome to Guaranteed Viewed Pages and we hope you enjoy your stay here!