5 Reasons why infographics work

Makes the website improve its SEO ranking

Bearing in mind the criteria used by Google’s page rank algorithms, a website using Infographics in its marketing has an upper hand gaining a better ranking. Naturally, interesting infographic media attracts more shares on social media and other sites. With an increase in the number of the sharing of the link comes an increase in the site rank on Google’s SEO ranking.

Gives the site that “expert understanding” status on the subject

The knowledge required in the creation of an infographic positions you as a knowledgeable team that has a better understanding of in their area of operation and content creation. Not everyone can create nice infographics that can attract the attention of their target audience.

It’s attractive and compelling

Most bloggers agree that their audience like getting the facts, the figures and the statistics. When you add some appealing and compelling infographics, you make an addictive content.

Have Viral Capabilities

Due to their attractiveness, they are more likely to get the attention of the social media. If funny or touching enough, they may be shared an exponential number of times, thus promoting your marketing idea. Infographic content has a higher chance of going viral than does the text content.

Increases Traffic

An infographic which has been linked and is compelling has the ability to bring massive traffic to your site. As a result, many more visitors will share the content from your site, without having to re-share it from someone else.